Lafayette, CA Porta Potty Rentals

One-Stop Shop for Lafayette

Bay Area Sanitation is your one-stop shop for your Lafayette porta potty rental needs. Our extensive inventory has a solution for your event or construction project. Whether you are having a backyard barbecue, sporting tournament, or starting a home remodel, we can find a solution that will fit your needs. We focus on the customer experience in order to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

If you reach out to Bay Area Sanitation, you are guaranteed a same-day, competitive quote.


We Make It Easier For You

When you are in need of a portable restroom, normally there is a lot of other planning that needs to be done. If you are an event coordinator, it may be the last thing on your mind. Often, you need to figure out the venue, food, guest list, and more. If you reach out to Bay Area Sanitation, you are guaranteed a same-day, competitive quote. Our customer service representatives work to find the best rental for your event size.


Construction Projects

Construction projects can be just as stressful as events. Scheduling subcontractors, budgeting, and more need to be dealt with every day. Porta potty rentals often fall to the back of the list. If  you have a construction project in Lafayette, most superintendents don’t have time to worry about whether their toilets are clean. When a service is not complete, it can lead to low morale and complaints on the job. In severe cases, it can even lead to a job being shut down and major delays.

Keeping toilets clean is our number one priority. It is recommended by OSHA to have one toilet on site per ten full time workers. As long as the service is completed each week, it should remain in usable condition. Additional weekly services can be added based on the usage at each job. Our drivers are trained using industry best practices, and will complete your service as long as it is safe and will not cause property damage.

Two different accessories are also offered with our porta potty rentals. First, is the containment tray. This tray sits beneath the unit in order to catch any runoff water from the service. They are required by the city in some cases. You can find rules about Lafayette permits and rules by following this link. In our standard restrooms, a hand sanitizer dispenser is a popular addon. This accessory helps contribute to a sanitary jobsite, and includes a weekly refill during your normally scheduled service. Ask about these accessories when requesting a quote!

Why rent a porta potty in Lafayette?

Bay Area Sanitation’s high quality portable restrooms make it easy on the customer. They help to provide cleanliness at any event or construction project. Our Satellite manufactured products are some of the best in the industry, guaranteeing you a superior product. If an event does not have a place for the guests to use the restroom, that can cause a lot of problems. The attendees may have to leave the event to find a place to go to the bathroom, or make their own place. We can help your event running successfully and cleanly.

High quality portable restrooms make it easy.