Portable Sanitation Products

It is our mission to provide your portable sanitation needs safely, efficiently, and at a competitive price. 


We Have Your Portable Sanitation Needs.

Our Family Story

We have successfully been in the sanitation business for over 100 years and understand the critical importance of proper sanitation.

Customer Obsessed

Our number one priority is your customer experience. We strive to make every part of the rental process easy and enjoyable for you.

Committed to our Community since 1906

The events and projects we service are in our own backyard. We focus on creating local jobs and reinvesting into our local community.  

Construction Sites Services

We are your punctual, safety conscious, clean-obsessed, perfect service partner on any construction site. Single family homes to huge commercial construction projects and everything in between. Your Bay Area Sanitation provides the perfectly clean and stocked portable toilet that your hard-working team members deserve. Project ownership will get compliments, not complaints from their construction team. Service and products provided by people who care.

Special Events

BAS is your partner for special events and festivals, whether the event runs for 1 day or 2 weeks. 100% performance when BAS commits to timing, placement, and servicing. Your festival or event guests will be impressed with our brand-new units and cleanliness-obsessed service team. Our BAS team understands the immense amount of planning that goes into these events and we are proud to be a partner. Service and products provided by people who care.

Areas We Serve